Memoirs of a Girl who Followed the Cloud

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Born in Johannesburg, South Africa to a middle class family, grew up under apartheid. Mom made headlines the day my 4 Sotho sisters walked into a public school. Age 13 first outreach experience to ex-drug addicts and prostitutes, a week spent with these captives who now are SET FREE, radically altering my view on life. Age 18 a vision of Jesus, a tunnel before me of everything called to leave behind but a beckoning Savior’s hand promising a life of fulfillment. 15 Nations, met their people, ate their food and escaped their dangers! 600 Children; teaching them to dance and sing, on a weekly basis, 10 foster kids lending a listening ear and helping hand. There are countless times, I have said “YES” to God and there are immeasurably more times His Yes to me has opened doors into the greatest adventures possible!  

Have Backpack Will Travel

Ask of Me and I Will Give you Nations as your Inheritance 

Irish Fortress doors are open
Josh Jones and crew in China
Candy and I in Paris May 2010 13
Candy and I in Paris May 2010 28
Candy and I in Paris May 2010 29
Candy and I in Paris May 2010 31
Madagascar 6
Madagascar 4
10-02-16 Blue door and sunflower
04-09-17 Children in worship
03-08-17 Follow that Dream 2011-Music for nations


Memoirs is my attempt to capture my travels to over fifteen different countries, crisscrossing the globe from China to the USA, from Europe to South Africa. Having experienced a radical vision at the age of eighteen, I felt compelled to go to every nation that God put upon my heart. A life lived dancing with orphans in Madagascar, translating Bible studies into French in a coffee bar in Amsterdam, the majestic view of the alps and escaping a possible prison sentence in the Dem. Rep. of the Congo! I hope that this book will inspire you to live a radical life following an extravagant God.   



Proudly created by: Ruach Elohim 

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Candy and I in Paris May 2010 29